Supa Premium Fat Ball Feeder With Tray


Supa Premium Fat Ball Feeder With Tray

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One Of The Most Requested Items That Supa Have Been Asked For Is A Fat Ball Feeder Which Is Suitable For The Feeding Of Both Netted And Un-netted Fat Balls. The Answer Was Surprisingly Easy. Take The Existing Fat Ball Feeder And Add A Metal Tray. Consumers Know That Our Current Fat Ball Feeder Is Great For Fat Balls In A Net, But By Adding A Tray This Allows Both Un-netted Or Netted Fat Balls Whatever Quality They Are To Be Used. The Base Acts As Both A Supplementary Feeding Station And Guards Against Debris Falling To The Ground With The Potential To Attract Unwanted Guests. The Supa Premium Fat Ball Feeder Is Constructed From Metal Including A Stainless Steel Handle.