Top Tips For Setting Up a New Fish Tank

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setting up a beginners aquarium fish tank

Top Tips For Setting Up a New Fish Tank

If you are looking to start a new fish tank, there are many factors to consider. Fish tanks require careful maintenance and it’s important to have the right equipment in order to keep your fish healthy! We want you all set up for success with our helpful tips on beginner fish tank ownership.

Check out our post for more information about selecting an appropriate size of tank, what type of filter to get, how often should I change my water? What kind of food do I feed them? And much more! You’ll be ready for this exciting hobby in no time.

How do I set up my fish tank to start with?

If you’ve ever felt the excitement and anticipation of finally getting your hands on an aquarium, then this is going to sound familiar. But don’t forget — patience! You want your new tank set up just right before adding fish or other inhabitants that require more care.

It is best to wait until the water has had ample opportunity for bacterial growth before introducing any more fish, as this will help keep ammonia levels in check. Test that nitrite isn’t present by performing lab tests using kits if both readings come back negative then you’re ready introduce some new aquatic friends!

How do you design an Aquarium?

Decorating your aquarium is a great way to make it feel like home for the fish and give you something fun! Some prefer open spaces, while others need cover. Do some research on what type of habitat that particular species needs before decorating so they can get comfortable in their new environment as soon as possible. With more and more fish entering the home aquarium, there is much to be done. The first one will take up residence in your best spots so give them some room by adding decorations gradually with each new purchase – this way they have somewhere safe while you work on giving others their own space!

My Fish are hiding what can I do?

Fish are naturally shy and anxious animals, which is why catching them in nets at the store can be scary. Make sure you have a lot of decorations for your aquarium so that they feel safe when hiding out from curious onlookers or predators lurking about. The reason some fish hide under rocks as well? When there isn’t another living creature around (or even any bodies), it seems like danger might lurk just beyond sight! Don’t panic, as you add more fish and decorations, they’ll come out!

How long should I leave the fish tank lights on?

For a planted tank 8-10 hours of sunlight will be more than sufficient. Be sure to keep the aquarium away from direct sun exposure as this only promotes algae growth in your new fish tank! Don’t leave the Aquarium lights on 24/7 because this would lead fish and plants death over time if left unchecked by their natural processes.

Do fish sleep?

Yes it has been proven that fish do sleep during the night. It is important to let them get their rest by giving the aquarium sufficient darkness during the night. If prolonged viewing hours are an issue, it is best to use lighting during day hours and then at night add some moonlights for added viewing time.

Will fish only grow relative to the tank size?

This is a misconception that is not true. Larger fish will soon need a larger aquarium to be healthy and happy. Restricting them to a smaller aquarium may stunt the fish growth and result in physical deformities. Be sure to give the right environment each species of fish in the aquarium.

How many fish can I keep in my tank?

A good guide for keeping fish in your tank is about 1” of fish per 1 gallon of water. For larger fish it is recommended only 1” of fish for every 3 gallons of water. Larger fish often have a higher strain on the tanks biological bacteria and filter media.
After gravel, rocks, plants, decor there will be far less volume in the aquarium. Ensure you are aware of the adult size the fish in the aquarium will grow. This will help in understanding how many fish to stock at this stage.

Why is there so much algae in my aquarium?

Algae is an infuriating problem that generally occurs due to a number of reasons. There could be an unbalance in the nutrients, you might have too much lighting and not enough co2 or fertilizers for your plants, they can only consume these three things at equal rates so if one isn’t there then algae will grow out control!

Algae may also grow on slower growth plants like anubais and java fern. This is very common and manual removal of the algae is recommended. If you have constant algae problems and are near direct sunlight try to reduce this during the day as it will be a major contributor to the amount of algae. If you feed too much or put in too much fertilizer it will once again cause the imbalance and a rise in algae.

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