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Choosing the right light dog food for small dogs

Small breeds are often underestimated when it comes to their nutritional needs, but they shouldn’t be! Small dogs have a higher metabolic rate than large breed which is related to them having more body surface area for the same weight

What are the nutritional needs of a smaller dog?

The nutritional needs of small dogs are not the same as those of large breeds. Often people don’t know this because they think in terms like kibble size only, but there’s more to it than that! Smaller breed dogs have a higher energy requirements per kilogram of body weight and therefore they need a food with a higher calorie content that is nutrient-dense.

Small breeds of dogs have smaller stomachs, which means that they can’t consume large meals. This is why it’s important to feed them a diet specifically designed for small-breed animals so they are able to receive all the nutrients and calories needed in smaller portions.

Can you overfeed a small dog?

In order to keep a small breed from being overfed, it is important for their diet to be tailored specifically so they can gain all the nutrients they need in a portion. Anatomically speaking, these breeds have much smaller stomachs that are not able to hold large meals.

What makes us different?

Our Grain Free Small Breed recipes have been formulated with a higher level of crude protein and crude fat compared to our standard adult recipes. This helps provide high-energy food for small breeds that need more calories than an average dog, due to increased metabolism rates in smaller bodies. These proteins are finely ground so they can be absorbed quickly by your pup’s stomach without sacrificing any nutrients or flavor; it also means these dogs will digest their meal more easily!

High digestibility is especially important that dog food for small dog breeds ensures ease of digestion on their small tummies. And of course, all Moorishly Pet recipes have a smaller kibble size help to keep small mouths happy.

Choosing the right dog food for small dogs can often be confusing. That’s why we cover a range of foods including: (external links to Moorishly pet direct)

Is Grain Free Dog Food Good dog food for small dogs?

A grain free diet is simply one that does not contain any grains. Grains are a basic source of complex carbohydrates which have formed a part of our human diet.  Most Dogs can eat grains without any issues within their daily diet however some struggle to digest these much as many humans do.

Grain free dog foods play an important role for dogs who have grain intolerances and those that use high quality, natural ingredients offer additional choice as every dog is different and has their own preferences. A grain-free dog food that is packed with high-quality ingredients can work wonders for your dogs digestion.

Moorishly Grain Free Premium dog food for small dogs

We have a delicious and nutritionally complete range of grain-free recipes for dogs and cats at Moorishly Pet. Our foods are free of common allergens and popping with goodness and flavour. This range is ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion or who are on a grain free diets with its sweet potato and potato content. Grain free focuses on digestive health with added omega 3 and a high total meat and fish level.

Moorishly Grain Free Dog Food is a Moorishly Pet product and is part of the The Pet Centre products.

We offer a full range of Grain free Dog and Cat foods which is designed for with a with a selection of the finest freshly prepared and nutritious and highly digestible animal protein sources. It is suitable for those pets with a grain intolerance or sensitivity with its sweet potato and potato content. Grain free focuses on digestive health with added omega 3 and a high total meat and fish level. Inspired by Exmoor

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