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Bella Dog Bowls

The Pet Centre are pleased to introduce our new collection of Bella Dog Bowls which are award-winning dog bowls. Bella Dog Bowls are hugely popular with dog owners, and we can see why. Functional and stylish, Bella Bowls combine a stainless interior with a poly-resin exterior. A removable rubber base prevents skids and spills, eliminates noise, and makes Bella Bowls fully dishwasher safe.

Bella Dog Bowls are available in X-small, Small, Medium, Large and XLarge

Bella Bowls Classic and Metallics Collection are available in a range of decorative colors with the paws and bones design.

Loving Pets Corporation which was established in 2005, focuses on affordable, high quality, all-natural dog and cat treats, as well as decorative stainless steel pet bowls, durable pet feeding dishes and slow feeding accessories. That’s why their founding vision has grown to creating new innovations and healthy alternatives pet owners can trust, and delivering a quality second to none.

Award winning, patented Bella Bowls are the best selling bowl in the pet industry – and for good reason. Functional and beautiful, Bella Bowls are truly the perfect pet dish. Loving Pets brings new life to veterinarian-recommended stainless steel dog bowls and pet feeding dishes by combining a stainless interior with an attractive poly-resin exterior. A removable rubber base prevents skids and spills, eliminates noise, and makes Bella Bowls fully dishwasher safe.

All Bella Bowls Feature:

  • Vet-recommended Bacteria Resistant Stainless Steel Interior
  • Patented – Exclusively From Loving Pets
  • Best Stainless Steel Dog Bowl
  • EASY TO CLEAN: After removing the rubber ring just pop it in your dishwasher for cleaning
  • NON-SLIP BASE: A removable rubber ring prevents skids, spills and reduces noise
  • BACTERIA RESISTANT: Veterinarian-recommended stainless steel interior
  • DURABLE: Rust proof bowl which does not retain odours

Bella Dog Bowls Medium

Bella bowls are also available for Cats in an X-small size.

Bella Bowls for Cats

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