Pets Choice Multisticks 5kg


Pets Choice Multisticks Are A Complete And Balance

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Pets Choice Multisticks Are A Complete And Balanced Food For All Fresh Water Pond Fish Including Koi Carp, Goldfish And Other Ornamental Fish.

HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE – Most Pond Fish Are Omnivorous And Eat A Wide Variety Of Food. Pets Choice Pond Food Contains A Specially Formulated Blend Of Animal And Vegetable Proteins That Provides Essential Amino Acids For Healthy Growth Together With Wheatgerm, A Highly Digestible Source Or Protein.

FLOATING – Encourages Your Fish To Feed At The Surface Of The Pond For Your Enjoyment And Prevents Build-up Of Lost Food At The Bottom Of Your Pond.

NON-CLOUDING – The Food Is Specially Formulated To Be Highly Digestible To Reduce Water Pollution And To Prevent The Break-up And Disintegration Of The Food In The Water, Keeping Your Pond Clear And Well Oxygenated.

WITH STABILISED VITAMIN C – Vitamin C Builds Up The Disease Resistance And Maximises The Natural Healing Of Abrasions And Wounds In Your Fish. Pets Choice Pond Food Uses A Special Stabilised Form Of The Micronutrient That Has Been Specifically Formulated And Tested For Use In Aquatic Feeds.