Mikki Matt Breaker


Easy & Efficient To Remove Matts & Tangles

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Easy & Efficient To Remove Matts & Tangles – Stainless Steel Blades Are Shaped For Optimum Cutting Effect – Comfort Grip Handle Assists Action & Minimise Fatigue – Blades Are Replaceable & Can Be Reserved For Left Handed Users Important: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Use Extra Care When Using Any Grooming Aid With Sharp Edges. Use Short Strokes To Cut Gently. With Very Dense Matts It May Be Necessary To Rotate The Wrist To Produce A Sawing Action. When Clearing A Matt Try To Hold The Hair At The Root To Avoid Pulling The Skin. Work From The Roots Towards The Outer Ends Using Short Strokes. When Passing The Matt Breaker Through The Coat In Long Strokes Keep It Parallel To The Skin And Avoid Plucking Upwards.