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Platys And Other Livebearers Such As Guppy’s And S

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Platys And Other Livebearers Such As Guppy’s And Sword Tails Are Tropical Fish Species That Will Do Better Is Especially Prepared Aquarium Water.
For This Reason Has Colombo Has Developed Platy Care.
Besides Purifying Ingredients Such As Natural Polymers Platy Care Also Contains Nourishing Ingredients Such As Vitamins And Minerals.
The Most Interesting Ingredient However, Is The Extract Of The Catappa Leafs. Catappa Leafs Are Used Already For Decades In South East Asia To Prevent Fish Diseases.
Colombo Has Developed A Method For Extraction Of The Beneficial Substances From The Catappa Leafs Which Enables Us To Add Them To Platy Care To Benefit From The Beneficial Capacities Of Catappa.