Colombo Aqua Kh Test Kit


Colombo KH Test Kit
Aquatest KH

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Colombo KH Test Kit
Aquatest KH (carbonate Hardness)

The KH Is The So-called Carbonate Hardness Or Temporary Hardness;
in German Karbonathärte, Abbreviated To KH. The KH Is Made Up By
forms Of Carbonic Acid Like Bicarbonate And Carbonate. The Chemical
balance Between These Substances Leads To A Stable PH And Thus The
adequate Presence Of These Substances Is Essential For A Stable PH; A
stable PH In Its Turn Is Essential For The Well-being Of The Fish. The KH Is
therefore Often Called The Buffering Capacity Of The Water. Especially In
older Aquaria And Ponds, The PH And KH Have A Tendency To Decrease,
especially When There Are No Or Little Water Changes. Hence, Test The KH
regularly And Refresh 10% Of The Water Weekly.

Ideal For
Tanganyika And Malawi Cichlids