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The Arm & Hammer Fresh Dental Care Range, Has Been

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The Arm & Hammer Fresh Dental Care Range, Has Been Specifically Designed To Provide Effective And Effortless Ways To Care For A Dog’s Teeth And Gums.
The Coconut Oil-based Formula Clings To Teeth And Gums Delivering A Long-lasting Clean. Coconut Water Is Rich In Nutrients, Providing Essential Electrolytes For Hydration & Helps Support A Healthy Skin & Coat.
The Ultimate Mix Of Natural Ingredients For A Healthy, Clean Mouth! The Dental Kit Is A Perfect Starter Kit, Containing All You Need To Clean Your Dogs Teeth. The 360 Toothbrush, Allows For Efficient Brushing And Cleaning Of All Teeth. Coconut Mint Toothpaste, Delivers A Long-lasting And Effective Clean And The Soft, Flexible, Silicone Finger Brush Acts As A Massager, Allowing You To Deliver An Extra Gentle Brush Along Their Gum And Teeth Line.
Suitable For Use On Dogs