9 Fantastic Tips For Adding Wild Bird Food To Your Garden This Winter.

With it starting to feel like winter wild bird feeds and fat balls are a great source of food and energy for garden birds in the winter, and really solve the question of what to feed wild birds in the winter. Wild bird feed balls tend to be made of lard/suet, nuts, cereals and sunflower seeds, so are densely packed with essential energy and fats for birds. Blue tits, great tits, dunnocks, long tailed tits, robins, sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and black caps are all commonly found feeding on fat balls in the UK

Buying fat balls in pet shops and garden centres is an easy & quick way to help your garden & wild birds get the nutrients they need. They tend to come packaged in mesh bags but we suggest not hanging the mesh bag in your garden as the mesh can trap birds feet. Instead take them out of the bag and put them into a fat ball holder (like the ones found here), or you can sit them on a bird table.

Fat balls should not put out in the summer months, as they can rot in the heat, and make birds ill.

At the end of this post we have 9 Fantastic Tips For Adding Wild Bird Food To Your Garden This Winter

You can check out our range of Fantastic Wild Bird Food For Your Garden including fat balls which are available on line or in store.

Our Harrisons Wild Bird Fat Balls come in packs of 10, 50 or 150 and start at £1.60 – £17.99 for a pack of 150 Harrisons Wild Bird Fat Balls.

About Harrison Wild Bird Fat Balls

Harrisons Loose Wild Bird Fat Balls are a great way to feed a whole host of birds in your garden. Packed with fat, oil and seeds they are a vital energy source, particularly during the cold winter months. Fat balls are enjoyed by many different species of Birds including tits, finches, robins, sparrows and nuthatches. The convenient box fat balls will keep your feathered friends for weeks at a time. What’s more, because they don’t come in nets, they are much more friendly to the environment. Harrisons Fat balls can be fed all year round and are especially suitable during the winter. Best fed from a wire bird feeder, they can also be fed on a bird table or even on the ground.

About Walter Harrison’s Bird Seeds and Accessories: For over a century the Harrison’s name has been synonymous with the production of the highest quality bird seeds. Originally suppliers to the farming industry, Walter Harrison & Sons now concentrate on cleaning and blending finest quality ingredients to produce a wide range of bird seeds. With generations of accumulated experience, Harrison’s nutritionists produce unique mixtures for either general or breed-specific use and are major suppliers to the UK pet trade. Additionally, a comprehensive range of treats and accessories are also available within the following Harrison brands.

More Info On Harrison Treats

High Energy Treats – Suet and fats provide instant energy for wild birds, particularly necessary when they are busy building nests and raising young. Extra energy also helps them keep warm and healthy during the long cold winter, in fact there isn’t a season when its not beneficial to general health and vigour. The Garden Friends range of Energy Boost treats caters for all tastes with a wide variety of quality infusions to increase attraction.

9 Fantastic Tips For Adding Wild Bird Food To Your Garden This Winter

  • The BTO and RSPB recommend wild birds are fed all year round.
  • Requirements are greater in late autumn and winter when natural resources are in shorter supply.
  • High energy levels are also needed during spring when birds are busy breeding and raising young.
  • Birds lose energy maintaining body temperature overnight, so a good breakfast is essential to set them up for the day.
  • Feeding regimes are important to establish for birds.
  • Establish feeding areas and move them regularly to avoid bacterial build up.
  • Consider predators when selecting suitable feeding sites, set table and feeder heights accordingly and make sure birds feeding on the ground have a good line of sight.
  • Store all foods in a cool, dry place.
  • Be aware that ground feeding stations can attract rodents.

We also have a range of some of the best UK wild bird food in Harrisons Wild Bird Mix, Harrisons SunflowerHearts, Harrisons High Energy Mealworm Pouch and Harrisons Suet Pellets.

9 Fantastic Tips For Adding Wild Bird Food To Your Garden This Winter.

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