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PR Wooden Hide Desert Medium
  • PR Wooden Hide Desert Medium

PR Wooden Hide Desert Medium


ProRep Wooden Hides are a natural alternative to plastic or resin hides. These are versatile hides that offer more than just hiding places for your reptile, as they also provide basking and climbing opportunities.

The natural finish hides are for a rainforest set up, and are ideal for species such as chameleons, water dragons and tree frogs.

The desert finish hides are suited for species such as bearded dragons and leopard geckos.

The wooden log hides are a complete hollowed out piece of wood in a cylinder shape.

These hides are available in 3 sizes, medium, large and extra large.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

  • Medium: 15cm long / 7-11cm height
  • Large: 20cm / 7-11cm height
  • Extra Large: 25cm / 7-11cm height