Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter Cat Litter – 10 Litre


Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter Cat Litter – 10 Litre

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CATSAN Hygiene Litter 10L – Cat Litter CATSAN®. Absorbs Before Odour Can Develop.
Quick Effective Absorbency.
Unique Mineral Formulation.

CATSAN® Litter Has Been Specifically Developed For The Hygiene And Comfort Of Your Cat, Using The Best Natural Minerals And Uniquely Coated Using A Patented Process. Each Catsan Granule Possesses Thousands Of Micropores Which Gives CATSAN® Its Strong Absorbency Power, Acting Like A Sponge To Bind Large Quantities Of Liquid Before Odours And Bacteria Can Develop. The Quality Of CATSAN® Is Guaranteed By Continuous Control Checks. CATSAN® Granules Are Sieved So They Will Not Stick To Your Cats Paws And Prevents Forming When Changing Litter. Natural White CATSAN®, Effective For Longer.