Bamboo Bowl Teal Small


An Understated Bowl For Contemporary Living.

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An Understated Bowl For Contemporary Living.
With A Classic And Simple Design, This Bamboo
fibre Bowl Sits Comfortably In Any Home. Choose
from A Mid-tone Grey Inspired By The Coastal
rocks That Waves Splash Over As You Hop Between
them; A Deep And Rich Blue, Reminiscent Of The
clear Night Sky On Your Adventures With Your
dog; Or An Uplifting Mint Shade As Fresh As The
crispy Mint That Inspired It. A Bowl To Bring Your
dog’s Dinner Station To Life.
Bamboo Is A Species Of Grass. It Grows In
abundance 30 X Faster Than Trees. It Produces
30 X More Oxygen And Absorbs 35 X More Carbon
dioxide. It Grows Tall And Dense Saving Precious Arable Land For Other Crops.

Product Care
Wash Regularly In Warm Soapy
water. Dishwasher Friendly –
top Shelf, Low Temperature.

External Diameter/Capacity: S – 15cm/0.8L, L – 18.5cm/1.65L