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About us

Almost 40 years ago, husband and wife Pete & Teresa moved to the Minehead area with their teenage son and the Pet Centre was born! Since then they have built an incredible reputation and a strong, fast growing company which they recently passed down to their son, Peter. 

Since then, Peter has changed the face of the typical small independent pet shop and with the help of his amazing team and support from his family the business is growing and reaching new heights!

Based in the quaint seaside town of Minehead, on the outskirts of Exmoor, The Pet Centre is a buzzing hive for local pet trade. And now it is time to reach the rest of the world! We are extremely proud of our little family business and we put our heart and soul into our efforts and were recognised for that in 2014 when we won the PPRA award for Pet Shop of the year! Go us!

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and service that we offer our customers. Each staff member is an expert in something!  So come in for a chat or pop us an email and we will be happy to share our knowledge!

The Pet Centre History  

Meet the Team:

Peter & Esme: The big boss (quite literally) and his sidekick! Peter is the face of this business and is behind its fast growing success. But none of this would be possible without little Esme of course! Esme Dimambro is the princess of the shop and don’t we know it! She loves attention (and treats) and she’s the one who makes all of the important decisions around here so don’t forget to say hi when you come in!

Heidi: Heidi has been with us for almost 8 years! You’ll find her with the biggest smile on her face, often in the fish room doing what she does best! Ask her anything and she will give you the answer (pet related of course!)

Sam: Our Nutritional expert! Sam has been with us for 7 years and we would be lost without her! She’s our go to for pet nutrition – Her specialised area is dog nutrition (we often find her telling the experts what they don’t know!).

Stacey: Stacey is working for us part time whilst currently studying. She’s already got her first diploma (go gir!l) and is working extremely hard towards her BSC in animal management! 

Jo: Jo is another part time member and is our front of house here at the Pet Centre. We are incredibly lucky to have her here! She will tell you anything you need to know and help you in every way possible!

- So yeah, we have an amazing team that we love to shout about!

We deliver free within Minehead, there is a small charge for deliveries to the surrounding areas, however; on orders of over £10.00 in value this charge is waived.

Our Shop opening hours are: Monday - Saturday ~ 9.00am - 5.30pm.

To contact us: please call 01643 703815 or email E-mail:

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