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    The Exo Terra Dripper Plant is a realistic plant that was designed to meet the watering needs of tree dwelling reptiles and amphibians like e.g. Chameleons. Arboreal reptiles generally do not recognise motionless sources of water; instead they drink from moving dewdrops and raindrops while foraging in the forest canopy.

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    The Exo Terra Moss Ball helps provide crystal clear water and reduce odours. Designed to resemble its natural counterpart, the Exo Terra Moss Ball contains a special absorption resin that helps reduce many of the compounds that encourage unsightly organic matter accumulation.

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    Sprayers are a must for many keepers of a wide range of animals that require humidity in their environments. Apart from reptiles and amphibians, sprayers are useful in the husbandry of many invertebrates such as stick insects, millipedes and mantids.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items